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  • How To Press Aluminum Cans
How To Press Aluminum Cans

How To Press Aluminum Cans mainly compress scrap metal with low weight and big volume, such as waste cans tins, stainless steel scrap, copper scrap, various metal shavings, waste aluminum profiles, aluminum chips, non-ferrous metal scrap etc...

Product Attribute

Bale Weight: 40-300kg; Applicable Material: Waste Tins cans/Chips; Productivity: 30-50sets/Month; Payment Details: 30% as deposit; After Service: 24 hours reply; Machine Capacity: 300-5000kg/Hour;

Hotline : +86 152 2134 7650 Email : Get Price
Product Details
Basic Infomation

Wear Steel Plate: Interchangeable;
Feeding Type: Conveyor/Moible Bin;
Bundle Size: 200-500mm;
PLC Brand: Siemens;  
Voltage Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ;
Quality Control: ISO9001, 2008;  
Delivery Time: 30 Days;  
Motor Power: 37-110kw;  
Chamber Width: 700-1500mm;
Discharge Out: Push Out;

Debugging Service: Provided;
Electrical Components: Schneider;  
Packaging: Nude Packing;  
Feeding Method: Conveyor;
Core Components: Pump, Motor;  
Shipping Cost: Depends on destination port;
Payment Method: T/T,L/C;
Control Type: Automatic/Manual;
Output Capacity: 40-90bales/Hour;  
Trade Term: FOB CIF CNF; 

Additional Information

Hydraulic Force: 100-315tons;
Weight of Bale: 25-200kg;
Package: Plastic Films/Nude Package;  
Lead Time: 15 Days;  
Shipping Time: 10-50days;

None-Load Cycle: 60s;
Bale Size: 300-500mm;  
Price of Machine: Depends on Models;
Wear Plate: NM450 or Hardox450;
Place of Origin: China; 

The Fast Pop Cans Baling Machine is mainly compress the waste cans tins, ubc cans, stainless steel scrap, metal chips, mixed aluminum scrap into small bales with high density for steel manufacturer to remelt again, it is easy to transport, stock, can improve the rate of steel melting , it has other names such as High Speed Waste Cans Recycling Baler,High Speed Aluminum Tins Baler,Fast Pop Cans Compactor,Hopper Feed UBC Baling Press,100Ton Aluminum Tins Baling Machine,Fast UBC Press Baler,High Speed Aluminum Tins Baling Press,Small Aluminum Cans Baling Press,125 Tons Pop-Top Cans Press Baler.

We not only have these baler machine, but have other machines such as Forward Out Used Metal Baling Machine,China Supplier Metal Scrap Compactor,Automatic Waste Steel Compactor,Big Bale Aluminum Extrusions Compress Baler,Small UBC Baler,Ubc Packing Machine,200Ton Metal Scrap Baling Press,Aluminium Scrap Baler Press Machine,100Ton Steel Scrap Baling Press,Hight Speed Ring-Pull Cans Baler With Conveyor,Rebar Scrap Baling Machine,Metal Baling Machine Indian Price,250Ton Steel Scrap Compress Baler,Turn Out Metal Scrap Compactor,China Supplier Tins Cans Press Baler,China Stainless Scrap Recycling Baler,Aluminium Scrap Hydraulic Baling Press Turkye,Hopper Feed Aluminum Cans Recycling Baler,Aluminum Cans Industrial Compactor,China Pop-Top Cans Press Baler,Two Ram UBC Compress Baler,Inida Iron Scrap Compactor,Automatic Tins Cans Baler,Strongest Scrap metal iron Baler,500Ton Metal Scrap Baling Press,200Ton Waste Steel Baling Press,Heavy Duty Steel Wire Baler,Heavy Duty Scrap Metal Press Baler,Heavy Duty Used Metal Baling Machine,Small Iron Scrap Baler,Copper Aluminum Scrap Baler,Fast Pop Cans Packing Baler,200Ton Scrap Metal Compactor Machine,Inida Waste Steel Compress Baler,Two Ram Zip Top Cans Compactor Machine,Aluminum Cans Baler,125Ton Steel Scrap Compress Baler,Low Price Alu Cans Tins Compress Baler,Small UBC Recycling Baler,Hydraulic Scrap metal Press Machine etc... Please contact with us if you have any questions.





Bale Size


Bale Weight


Chamber Size


Motor Power


Machine Weight


If you have any special requirements, we will customize according to your special needs.

Product Show






> Latest design of the machine to let you use the best the machine all the time.
> Enough spare parts with lower cost to keep the machine non-stop.
> World famous brand of Siemens PLC to promise you run the machine without any worry.
> One Button automatic PLC Control, just need to push one button, you can operate the machine continuously.
> Output capacity can be up to 30-60bales per hour, more efficient.
> Adopts Two rams structure to keep high bale density.
> Strong structure of the machine, reliable, stable and durable, let you make more money.
> 24 hours reply, video, phone call, email support, if any question, we response at first time.


The baler machine can press below materials:


> What all do I need to install the Hopper Feed Scrap Metal Balers? 

After the metal scrap baler machine arrived your place, you need the hydraulic oil, cable wire, worker, electrical technician, then you can start to test and operate the baler machine per user manual, or make video call with our engineer.

> How much price of Used Sale Continues Extrusion Scrap Baler? 

Price of the baler machine is different, depends on how big of the machine is, but we can give you a word that our price of the machine is lower with high quality.

> What is output capacity of Aluminium Scrap Press Compactor? 

The machine capacity ranges from 300kg per hour to 3000kg per hour, different models has differnt capacity, small models has small output capacity, and bigger one has big capacity accordingly.

> What bale weight can the Aluminium Cans Baler Machine make? 

Normally speaking, the bale weight rangs from 20kg to 300kg, it varys according to your metal scrap and your requirement, we have standard bale size and bale weight, can send you the catalogue for your reference.

> Which country have you exported the Non Ferrous Metal Scrap Press Compactor? 

We have exported the baler machine to many countries such as  Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran , Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, America, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and other countries.

> How much is the shipping cost of Aluminium Used Beverage Cans In Bales recycling baler? 

The shipping cost is varying over time,and different models of baler machine will need different containers to hold, if peak season and bigger models, the shipping cost will be higher, and on the contrary, the cost will be lower.

> Is it automatic or Manual control for Copper Scrap Baling Machine

The baler machine has automatic control and manual control, the manual control is used to debug the machine when the baler machine arrived at your place, and the machine will run in automatic control when normal working, and that will be more efficient in automatic control.

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