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  • Iron steel Wire Pressing Machine
Iron steel Wire Pressing Machine

Iron steel Wire Pressing Machine mainly compress light scrap metal such as waste cans tins, stainless steel scrap, copper scrap, waste steel rebar, scrap steel wire, automobile, scrap car, waste aluminum profiles, aluminum chips, non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap etc...

Product Attribute

Aluminum UBC Cans Tins Aluminum Wire Scrap Cooper Wire Scraps Copper Tube/Pipe Scrap Light Scrap Metal(LSM) Mixed Aluminum Scrap Scrap Rebar Waste Steel Wire Stainless Steel Scrap

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Product Details

Iron steel Wire Pressing Machine mainly used in steel manufacturer and many waste disposal recycling center, it is composed of three sections: hydraulic system, electrical system, main frame,  automatic PLC control or manual control, more optional choice for you, can compress many materials such as metal scrap, aluminum scrap, stainless scrap, copper scrap, all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc.

Working Principle: The metal scrap is put into the box chamber by grabber or other tools, then the lid of the baler machine is closed, and the side cylinder press the scrap metal to the limit of the side cylinder, then the main cylinder start to press the scrap to limit of the non-ferrous metal baling press machine, then the open the lid, and use grabber to grab the bale out, at last, every cylinder back to initial position, the bale cycle is finished totally.

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Box Size (mm)

Bale Size (mm)

Bale Weight (Kg)

Power (Kw)


























If you have any special requirements, we will customize according to your special needs.


1. Adopts grab bale out type with double main cylinder, the bale need to be grabbed out by grabber, more high efficiency.

2. Easy to operate and maintain, save stock cost and labor cost, transport cost, and save space.

3. Automatic PLC control with remote control, convenient to operate and maintain.

4. Inner wear plate adopts international famous brand of NM450, durable and reliable, and Hardox450 is optional

5. Output capacity varies from 5000-15000 kg per hour, more options for your choices.

6. Bale weight per bale can be up to 1500kg per bale.

7. Bale size and bale weight can be customized according to your special requirement.

8. Adopts German Hydraulic technology to promise the machine running smoothly and stable.

9. Adopts international famous brand of hydraulic pump and valves, durable and reliable to prolong the service life of the baler machine.

10. Lower price, economical option for your business.


The baler machine can press below materials:






1. How to choose the suitable right Steel Metal Scrap Pressing Machine?                   First, you need to confirm what bale size and bale weight will you need after pressing? As for this issue, you can make a investigation in your market and found out what bale size and bale weight are popular, then you can know the bale size and bale weight you need, and you can easily choose suitable Scrap metal Compressing Machine;Then, make a investigation that how many of these metal scraps will you need to press per 8 hours, this way, this is very important for choosing the right and suitable  400Tons Steel scrap Pressing Machine;Last, after confirming these issues, we can suggest you the most suitable Metal Baler Steel scrap machine and best offer accordingly.                   2. Are you a manufacturer or a trader of Compacting And Baling Scrap Metal machine?                   We are true manufacturer of producing Steel Scrap Scrap Pressing Machine, we have our own factory, our own design and developing team, and we have many years' experiences in producing the hydraulic baling machine, and you are warmly welcome to visit our factory personally.                   3. What is warranty period time of the Steel Wire Baler For Sale?                   The warranty time of the Baler Machine Recycling With Crane For Metal is 12 months, this is our normal warranty time, if you want to prolong the warranty time, we can charge you lower cost than other suppliers such as wanshida baler, tianfu baler, enerpat baler, aupu machinery baler etc...And within the warranty time, we are responsible for Metal Scrap Baler Machine in case of any problem except misoperation by people.                   4. Are you responsible for installation of the Compacting Scrap Steel press baler?                   Yes,  of course, we are responsible for the Scrap Hydraulic Baling Press Problems, and this kind of baler machine is very easy to install, just need to connect to the power supply, and then start to test the machine is ok, because hydraulic system and electrical are all settled when shipping, and also we can guide you to install and test the machine by video call, this is very popular now, in a word, please be assured that we are always with you all the time.We also can send our engineer to your place to help you install the Metal Scrab Press Machine Price, and you need to pay some fees for air tickets and salary for the engineer.                     5. What is payment term of the Used Scrap Metal Balers For Sale?                   The payment term of the Used Metal Baler machine are T/T, L/C,D/P and it is flexible depend on special case, because some countries just accept L/C, and some countries accept other payment terms.                   6. Do you have CE certificate or other certificate of the Scrap Metal Pressing Machine In Kerala?                   Yes, we have CE certificate of the Tcm Scrap Baling Press mahine, we also have other certificates such as SGS, IOS, TUV, also have our own many patents of the baler machine.                   7. Which countries have you exported the Scrap steel rebar Wire Baler China?                   We have exported the Hydraulic Press Steel Recycling baler to 100 more countries such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran , Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, America, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and other countries.                   8. Do you have a agent or distributor of the How To Compress Steel Scrap in our country?                    We don't have agent or distributor of the Iron Scrap steel metal Press Machine, we directly export the baler machine to you, because this way, we can leave more profit space to you, and this is also the reason why our baler price is more competitive than other jiangyin manufacturer suppliers  because we are true manufacturer, we have our own factory, technical team and many processing equipment.

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