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  • PSGS Plastic Pipe Scrap Shredding Crushing line
  • PSGS Plastic Pipe Scrap Shredding Crushing line
  • PSGS Plastic Pipe Scrap Shredding Crushing line
  • PSGS Plastic Pipe Scrap Shredding Crushing line
PSGS Plastic Pipe Scrap Shredding Crushing line

How much price of Stable Waste Plastic Pipes Rcycling Shredder? How can we install High Performance Pvc Pipes Single Shaft Shredder? Where to find find cheap Cost of Waste Plastic Pipes Shredding Machine? Diloya Group can provide you suitable shredder machine and best offer accordingly.


ABS lumps Hdpe/Ldpe Lumps PET Bottles Plastic Pipe Scrap

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Solution Details

The CE Pipe Plastic Shredder Crusher is mainly used to shred all kinds of plastic pipes, hdpe pipes, pe pipes, hard paper core, easy to transport, stock and convenient for recycling,  it has other names such as Stable Hard Paper Core Single Axle Shredder,Good Quality Pipe Plastic Rcycling Shredder,China Paper Tube Single Axle Shredder,Strong Paper Reels Single Axle Shredder,Automatic Waste Plastic Pipes Shredding Machine,China Paper Tube Single Shaft Shredder,Low Cost PE Pipes Shredding Machine,Stable Hard Paper Core Shredder,Durable PE Pipes Shredder Crusher.

Working Principle: The plastic pipes is put int the shredder machine by people or conveyor, then the pushing cylinder push the plastic lumps to the rotor, then the rotor with high speed to cut the plastic scraps into small size flakes, and the flakes size can be adjustable by changing screen under the shredder machine.



Rotor Diameter(mm)

Final Size (mm)

Power (Kw)

















If you have any special requirements, we will customize according to your special needs.


> Output capacity rangs from 500kg-3000kg per hour, 3-30tons per day.

> The reducer adopts China famous brand of guomao durable.

> The blade adopts SKD-II materials, durable and reliable.

> PLC Automatic control, auto-reverse function, more efficient.

> Adopts German technology to promise the machine run smoothly and stably.

> Strong Structure, latest new design keep machine running well.

> Adopts Siemens PLC, Schneider electrical componets to keep the alligator shear running well.

> Adopts china famous brand of motor and reducer to prolong the service life of the shredder machine, durable and reliable.

> The motor adopts China famous brand of Wannan Motor, stable and realiable.

> No need foundation, just put it on horizontal ground is ok.


The shredder machine can shred below plastic scraps:






> How much would Suzhou Pipe Plastic Single Axle Shredder , its installation, and training cost me? 

The price of plastic lumps cutter machine is different according to different bale size, bale weight and output capacity as for the installation, training cost, the machine is very easy, just put it on horizontal ground, adding hydraulic oil, connect to power supply, then operate per user manuals.

> What is after-services of Powerful Paper Reels Rcycling Shredder? 

We provide training and installation services, we can guide you how to install, test, use, operate and maintain the shredder machine for free, which also include video support, email services, and in a word, we can get everything done.

> What is warranty time of the Cost of Pipe Plastic Shredder? 

The warranty time of the shredder machine is 12 months normally, also can you can pay extra fees for more times such as 24 months or 36 months, within the warranty time, we are responsible for the shredder machine except the spare parts.

> How do I decide the model of Jiangsu Paper Tube Shredder that I need? 

First, you need to know what final size after shredding are popular in your local market, then you produce the small sizes, and we can suggest you suitable model of shredder machine accordingly, Before this, you need to make investigation in your market, you can inquire your end user etc..

> Which country have you exported the Suzhou Hdpe Plastic Pipe Shredder Crusher? 

We have exported the shredder machine to many countries such as  Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran , Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, America, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and other countries. 

> What is package of Powerful Pipe Plastic Shredder Crusher? 

Generally speaking, there are two packages of the machine, wooden package, and plastic films, wooden package is mainly for small machine with LCL shipment, and plastic films mainly for big machine with FCL shipment.

> What is trade term of Stable Pipe Plastic Single Shaft Shredder? 

Trade term of the shredder machine are FOB, CIF, CNF, these 3 terms, and we also can per your requirements.

> Do you have a agent of Durable Hdpe Plastic Pipe Single Axle Shredder in our country? 

No, we don't have agent or representative in your country, we directly export the machine to our end users, this way, the price will be lower, and end users can get more money.

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