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Waste News Papers/Onp

The Waste News Paper ONP/Waste Magazines which we can see every where, then how to recycle these Waste News Paper ONP/Waste Magazines? How much profits can we get from baling the Onp/waste news paper? Diloya Eco-Tech can offer you all kinds of Waste News Paper ONP/Waste Magazines recycling solutions to meet your different requirements.

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Application Details

What are the features of the waste newspaper baler? Please find below features of the baler machine:

> The bale weight ranges from 200kg to 1500kg, more options for your choices.
> Adopts horizontal continuous push-out structure, easy to operate and maintain.
> Install the foot wheels, can be easily move to any place you want, very convenient.
> Output capacity can be up to 12-15 bales per hour, more efficient.
> Strong structure of the machine, reliable, stable and durable, let you make more money.
> Latest design of the machine to let you use the best the machine all the time.
> Stable hydraulic system to keep the machine run well.
> Automatic tying system includes auto-threading and auto-cutting system, no need people to watch it all the time.
> Adopts china famous pump to keep baler machine run smoothly.

The Automatic Occ Compactor is mainly compress the waste cardboard, carton box, plastic films, pet bottles, scrap foams, waste sponges with high density, easy to transport, stock and convenient for recycling, it has other names such as 1ton Bale Cardboard Box Baling Press,Continous cardboard baler,Horizontal Corrugated Box Packaging Machine,Top Load Corrugated Box Recycling Baler,How to Choose Paper Trimings  Baling Machine,India Corrugated Box Compressor Machine,High Efficiency Paper Scrap  Baling Press,Automatic Paper Scrap  Compactor,India Pet Bottles Packing Machine.

Applicable Machine

Please find below baling press for waste news paper/ONP:

We not only have these baler machine, but have other machines such as Heavy Duty Waste Paper  Recycling Baler,Cheap Paper Scrap  Compress Baler,Factory Price Shredded Paper  Packaging Machine,Good Quality Cardboard Box Compressor Machine,Cheap Occ Baler,1000kg Bale Paper Trimings  Packaging Machine,High Efficiency Waste Paper  Compactor Machine,Cheap Newspaper Baling Machine,Auto Tie Newspaper Compressor Machine,1000kg Bale Carton Box Recycling Baler,How to Operate Waste Paper  Press Machine,Ce Approved Occ Paper Baling Machine Manufacturer,Tcm Cardboard Baler,800kg Waste Paper  Recycling Baler,Close End Waste Paper  Compactor,Horizontal cardboard baler paper baler shredded paper,Waste Paper Packing Machine,Paper Press Machines For Newspapers,India Cardboard Box Bale Machine ,Economical Kraft Paper Baling Press,100tons Carton Box Compactor Machine,China Cardboard Box Baling Machine,Baling Hydraulic Cartoon Press Machine Made In China,800kg Scrap Carton Recycling Baler,Close End Waste Bottles Packing Machine,Top Load Pet Bottles Packaging Machine,Fully Automatic Waste Paper Pressing Machine Manufacturer In Chennai,Horizontal Cardboard Box Baling Machine,High Efficiency Shredded Paper  Baling Machine,India Paper Scrap  Compactor,India Paper Scrap  Recycling Baler,Carton Box Compress Machine Automatic Tying Wire For Baling Cardboard,Waste Paper Baling Machine Made In India,Full Auto Shredded Paper  Packaging Machine,Auto Tie Carton Box Press Machine,Factory Price Scrap Carton Baling Press,How to Operate Corrugated Box Bale Machine ,Paper Baler Horizontal Press,1ton Bale Corrugated Box Packaging Machine,Factory Price Kraft Paper Packing Machine etc... Please contact with us if you have any questions.


Please find below pictures of waste newspaper/ONP:






> Where to  find cheap Heavy Duty Occ Compactor Machine?

You can search the key words which you want in the Google Search, then you will find many suppliers who have this kind of baler machine, then you need to make some comparisons of these suppliers, then you can find good supplier with lower prices.

> Are you a manufacturer or a trader of Horizontal Pet Bottles Packaging Machine?

We are true manufacturer of vertical paper box baler machine, we have our own technical team, R&D team, have many processing machines, and you are warmly welcome to visit our factory personally.

> What is trade term of Cheap Waste Bottles Packaging Machine?

Trade term of the baler machine are FOB, CIF, CNF, these 3 terms, and we also can per your requirements.

> Which country have you exported the Good Quality Scrap Carton Baler?

We have exported the baler machine to many countries such as  Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran , Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, America, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and other countries.

> How can i know you are a manufacturer or trader of Heavy Duty Kraft Paper Packaging Machine?

You can visit our factory personally, also you can ask technical drawings such as 2D drawings 3D Drawings, we have professional technical team working on this, and will not give you these if a trader, because they don't have ability on this.

> What is Full Auto Cardboard Box Packaging Machine?

The baler machine is mainly used to compress paper box, pet bottles, plastic films into small bales with high density, easy to transport and stock, save transport cost, stack cost, convenient for distributor to sell to their end users.

> How do I decide the model of Baler baling press machine for cardboard that I need?

First, you need to know what bale size and bale weight are popular in your local market, then you produce the bale weight and bale size, and we can suggest you suitable model of wiper baler machine accordingly, Before this, you need to make investigation in your market, you can inquire your end user etc..

> What is package of 100tons Waste Paper  Baling Press?

Generally speaking, there are two packages of the machine, wooden package, and plastic films, wooden package is mainly for small machine with LCL shipment, and plastic films mainly for big machine with FCL shipment.

> How to maintain Economical Carton Box Baling Press?

When you were operating the baler machine, you need to clean the oil tank every 3 months, and check the wire, and oil pipe leakage or not, and also check the bolt every shift, you can find all maintenance items in the user manual.

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