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  • Steel Chips Scrap Baler
  • Steel Chips Scrap Baler
  • Steel Chips Scrap Baler
  • Steel Chips Scrap Baler
Steel Chips Scrap Baler

Steel Chips Scrap Baler mainly compress metal chips such as metal shavings, copper shavings, copper swarfs, brass chips, copper turnings, aluminum chips, aluminum shavings, cast iron chips, various of loosen metal chips etc...


Aluminum Chips Shavings Turnings Scrap Cast Iron Chips Copper Granules/Flakes Copper Shavings Chips/Bronze Swarfs/Brass Turnings Shredded Scrap Steel Steel Shavings Boring Metal Chips Turnings

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Product Details

Steel Chips Scrap Baler used in steel manufacturer and many waste disposal recycling center, it is composed of three sections: hydraulic system, electrical system, main frame,  automatic PLC control or manual control, more optional choice for you, can compress many materials such as metal scrap, aluminum scrap, stainless scrap, copper scrap, all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals shavings, chips, turnings, borings, etc.

Working Principle: The metal chips is put into the hopper by conveyor, then the main cylinder start to press the chips to limit of the non-ferrous metal chips baling press machine, the side cylinder push the briquette out, and last, every cylinder back to initial position, the bale cycle is finished totally.

We not only produce above machines, we also have other hydraulic baler machine, hydraulic shear machine, metal/plastic scrap shredder machine and plastic scrap granulator/crusher machine such as Baler For Packing Rice Husk / Wood Shaving, Hydraulic Baling Press Machine For Stainless Steel, Iron Metal Pressing Machine, News Paper Baling Press, Silage hydraulic press silage packing machinery process in india, Occ Cardboard Scrap Pressing Matching, Scrap Pressing Indian Machine, Textile Pressing Machines, Alligator Rebar Metal Shear, Used clothing in bales in canada, Used Clothes Baler Machine For Sale Georgia, Alfalfa double press machine in argentin, High Efficiency Hydraulic Cardboard Waste Balers, Vertical big silage baler, Shredding plastic ubc, Ruf briquetting press, New Cheap Rag Wiper Packing Machine, Peanut Shells Baling Machine, Corn Cob Compress Baler Machine, Enerpat chips briquetting press, Alligator Hydraulic Heavy Duty Scrap Metal, Cloth shredder machine, Used Cotton Baler Machine, Tcm baler, Corn Silage Press, Carton press machine for sale, Used Clothes Compressor, HuaHong baler, stainless steel shredder machine, Cardboard Packing Waste Paper Baler, Cloth baling machines clothes compressor, Wanshida baler,  Cloth presser machine china textile low price machine, Chopped Straw Bagging Baling Press, Small scale silage baler silage making in colombia, Aupu machinery baler, Shredder on bumpers plastic shredder bangladesh, Second hand clothes balers, Working of small wheat straw bale maker automatic, Chuangda baler, how to make plastic shredder machine, Auto Powder Compacting Press Machine, West Paper Hydraulic Pressing Machine, Weima briquetting press, Tcm Wool Baler, How To Bale Aluminum Cans, waste paper baling advance machine, Shengbo baling press, Choped Hay Compress Baler, Baler Machine Clothing Recycling, Textile trims press machine, Tianfu baler, Cardboard Recycle Press Baler Machine, Metal Sheet Cutting Machine, Second Hand Clothes Baler, Scrap Iron Cutting Machine, Quality And Quantity Assured / Garbage Baler Machine On Sale, Compactor For Cardboard Boxes, Hydraulic Cutting Shear, Best Selling Rice Husk Compress Baler etc… And we can make the machine according to your special requirements, please feel free to contact with us if you have any requirements.



Bale Size (mm)

Bale Weight (Kg)

Power (Kw)

























If you have any special requirements, we will customize according to your special needs.


1. Adopts vertical simple structure, stable and reliable.

2. Easy to operate and maintain, save stock cost and labor cost, transport cost, space etc.

3. Automatic PLC control, high efficiency, high density of bale after briquetting is easy to remelt, and production rate is very high.

4. Output capacity varies from 500-5000 kg per hour, more options for your choices.

5. Bale output capacity can be up to 300 bales per hour, more efficient.

6. Adopts German Hydraulic technology to promise the machine run smoothly and stable.

7. Adopts international famous brand of hydraulic pump and valves.

8. Lower price, economical option for your business, it's ideal briquetting press machine for your choices.


The baler machine can press below materials:






1. What kind of Steel Chips Scrap Baler machine can compress your metal chips?

We need to know what kind of steel chips do you want to compress? Then we will suggest your best and economical solutions according to your metal chips and your requirement such as budget, output capacity, final bale size etc...

2. How to buy the most economical and reasonable Steel Chips Scrap Baler?

First, you need to estimate value of your project, then you can find baler machine according to your budget accordingly, Diloya can provide you the best offer more optional solutions according to your requirement.

3. What is price of Steel Chips Scrap Baler? What is cost of Steel Chips Scrap Baler? What is FOB Price and CIF price?

Price of the baler machine is different, it mainly depends on what kind of baler machine do you need, output capacity, final bale size, once these issues confirmed, we will provide you the FOB Shanghai price and CIF price of your port.

4. How should i get the parameters and related solutions of Steel Chips Scrap Baler?

You can visit our website:, and find suitable steel shavings press baler machine according to your requirement; also you can leave a message to describe what kind of baler machine will you need, then we will send you parameter and solutions details accordingly.

5. What is payment term and trade term of Steel Chips Scrap Baler?

The payment term is T/T, L/C etc...and trade term is FOB, CIF, CNF etc...

6. May i know if there are English user manual or operational instructions along with Steel Chips Scrap Baler when delivery and shipment?

Yes, surely we will send you user manual or operational instructions and other necessary documents such as electrical drawing, foundation drawing, etc along with the baler when shipment.

7. Are you responsible for the installation and debugging of Steel Chips Scrap Baler?

Yes, we responsible for the installation and debugging of baler press machine, we can send 1-3 people to your local place to install and debug the baler machine.

8. How long is the warranty period of Steel Chips Scrap Baler?

The warranty period of the metal shavings briquetting press machine is 12 months, Within the guarantee period, in the event of any malfunction caused by the quality of the commodity, we provide free components for replacement. Wear parts are exclusive from this warranty. We also provide technical support for the whole lifespan of the machine.

9. Which countries have you been exported?

We have been exported our hydraulic baling press machine, hydraulic shear machine, shredder machine and granulator machine to many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, India, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Turkey, Norway, Finland, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Ecuador etc...

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