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  • White Rags Baling Press Machine
White Rags Baling Press Machine

How much price of How to press rags? What all do i need to install Scale Weighing White Rags Compressor? What is payment term of 2kg Cleaning Rags Baling Machine? Diloya Group can provide you suitable baler machine and best offer accordingly.

Product Attribute

Foot Wheel: Yes; Output Capacity: 60-80bales/Hour; Trade Term: FOB CIF CNF; Applicable Material: Wiper, Rags; Video Support: Yes; Quality Control: ISO9001, 2008;

Hotline : +86 152 2134 7650 Email : Get Price
Product Details
Basic Infomation

Packaging: Nude Packing/Wooden Package;  
PLC Brand: Siemens;  
Bale Weight: 1-40kg;  
Status Of Machine: Totally New;  
Working Pressure: 15Mpa;  
Min. Order: 1 Set;  
Package: Wooden Package;  
Place of Origin: China;  
HS Code: 8462919000;  
Motor: China Famous Brand; 

Machine Weight:850-3200kg;  
Control: One Button Control;  
Driven Type: Hydraulic Driven;  
Productivity: 30-50sets/Month;  
Type: Horizontal Type;  
Hydraulic Power: 100-400kn;  
Rams: Two Rams;  
Steel Plate: Q235B ;  
Lead Time: 15 Days;  
Movable Type: Yes; 

Additional Information

Driven Type: Hydraulic Driven;  
Payment Term: T/T L/C;  
Brand: Diloya; 

Packaging: Nude Packing/Wooden Package;  
Control: One Button Control;  
Rams: Two Rams; 

Package And Delivery

Package: Wood package, Plastic Films, Nude Packing

Delivery: Ocean Shipping

HBL Series Wiping rags Bagging Press Baler Machine, mainly compress wiping rags, industrial rags, cotton rags, waste clothing, old clothes, used clothes, second hand clothes and something like this kind of materials.

The Wipe rags packaging machine is mainly compress the wiper rags into small bales with high density, easy to transport, stock and convenient for distributor to sell to end users, it has other names such as Compress machine for cotton rags,High Quality Rag Wiper Packing Machine Factory,Horizontal Rags Compactor Machine,20lb Rag Wiper Compactor,Wiper Bagging Press,5kg Rags Baling Press,Cheap Cotton Rags Baler Machine,Scale Weighing Cotton Wipers Baling Press,India Wiping Rags Baler.

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Bale Size (mm)

Bale Weight (Kg)

Power (Kw)































If you have any special requirements, we will customize according to your special needs.

Product Show






> Schneider electrical components prolong the service life of the machine.
> The bale weight ranges from 1kg to 40kg, more options for your choices.
> Output capacity can be up to 60-80 bales per hour, more efficient.
> Install the foot wheels, can be easily move to any place you want, very convenient.
> World famous brand of Siemens PLC to promise you run the machine without any worry.
> Adopts china famous pump to keep baler machine run smoothly.
> Adopts 2 rams structure, noise-proof device to keep the machine runs well.


The baler machine can press below materials:



> How can we install the Wiper rags press?

The baler machine is not disassembled when shipping, so you just put it on the horizontal ground, adding hydraulic oil, connect to the power supply, then test and operate the machine per user manual, that is OK, if you have any questions, you can contact with us any time.

> Are you a manufacturer or a trader of 50lb Rag Wiper Baler Machine?

We are true manufacturer of wiping rags baler machine, we have our own technical team, R&D team, have many processing machines, and you are warmly welcome to visit our factory personally.

> How much would 5kg Cotton Rags Bagging Press , its installation, and training cost me?

The price of baler machine is different according to different bale size and bale weight, as for the installation, training cost, the machine is very easy, just put it on horizontal ground, adding hydraulic oil, connect to power supply, then operate per user manuals.

> How to maintain 50lb White Rags Bagging Baler?

When you were operating the baler machine, you need to clean the oil tank every 3 months, and check the wire, and oil pipe leakage or not, and also check the bolt every shift, you can find all maintenance items in the user manual.

> How to choose your Rag baler 10 kg machine correctly?

As for this issues, first, you need to know which model of the baler machine will you need, then you can compare price, quality, services of the baler machine from different suppliers, and at last you will know which supplier is better.

> Where to  find cheap 4lb Cleaning Rags Compactor?

You can search the key words which you want in the Google Search, then you will find many suppliers who have this kind of baler machine, then you need to make some comparisons of these suppliers, then you can find good supplier with lower prices.

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